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Control your Arduino from your iDevice


Firmata lets you connect Arduino to computers and other Arduino boards. iFirmata lets you control your Arduino from your idevice!

You need:

Supported iDevice

iOS 6 or later -- iPhone 4s and later; iPad 3 and later; iPod Touch 5; iPad mini

Supported Bluetooth LE module and Arduino

Currently the Xadow and Redbear BLEShield.

Firmata Library

Firmata library version 2.3.1 comes standard in Arduino 1.0.5 and Firmata library version 2.3.6 comes standard in Arduino Beta 1.5.3. For Redbear either of these should be fine. However, the Xadow is basically a Leonardo Arduino and the Firmata people will tell you to utilize Firmata 2.3.2 or greater. Download the latest firmata zip file and unzip it in your Documents/Arduino/libraries/ folder.

Firmata Sketch

The standard firmata sketch is found in the examples -> firmata - standard firmata HOWEVER this will need changes for MOST BLE modules -- Check with your BLE module provider. We've done Xadow and Redbear examples. Burn it to your Arduino!

iFirmata App

Download iFirmata from the App Store and start controlling your Arduino!.

Or for more advanced developers you can compile your own copy and even make your own custom app with the source code.

IOS Developers



Install it the hard way

A dependancy of this code is the OpenBLE cocoapod to manage your Ble service

Download iFirmata and OpenBLE and copy everything in /Classes into your xcode project. Or more preferrably use cocoapods to get both at the same time.

Install it via Cocoapods

Create a new xcode project or workspace or go to your existing, open a terminal in that directory, and type:

sudo gem install cocoapods
touch Podfile
echo -e "platform :ios, '5.0'\npod 'iFirmata'" >> Podfile
pod install

Or if you're using the example, theres already a podfile so just cd to that directory and type:

sudo gem install cocoapods
pod install

It should complete and tell you to utilize the .xcworkspace from now on.

Use it

Click on that xcworkspace file to open your project from now on and youll find your project with the source code all loaded up. Now you can:

#import "Firmata.h"

And have your class register as a Firmata protocol:

@interface DetailViewController : UIViewController  <FirmataProtocol>


See the OpenBLE cocoapod to see how to scan and connect to a bluetooth service with read and write characteristics. Then you can init a firmata object with it:

Firmata *currentFirmata = [[Firmata alloc] initWithService:service controller:dest];

And make some sort of call like analog mapping query to find all the available pins on the device:

[currentFirmata analogMappingQuery];

When the BLE returns to firmata, it will parse it and return a delegate so set up a delegate function:

- (void) didUpdateAnalogMapping:(NSMutableDictionary *)analogMapping
    for (NSString* key in analogMapping) {
      NSLog(@"key: %@ value: %@", key, [analogMapping objectForKey:key]);

Example app

Open the example app in /examples for a much more thorough implementation example. It lists bluetooth devices, connects, and when it recieves read and write characteristics segues to a screen where you set pin modes, set or read pins, control servos and pwm and even send i2c data.

Support or Contact

Use the github issues queue to report bugs or contribute code.